General Questions

My company is not near your office. Is a visit required to get started?
What is the background of your team?

Common questions for OEM and Business Owners

We already have a design group and molder selected for our project, what value do you add to the team?
Are your services expensive?
I have a urgent problem or design challenge and time is of the essence.
We would like to work with your group on a continuous basis but would like to not have to generate PO’s for every task?
I can not use your services at the moment but would like to call your to ask a few questions. Is that okay?

Questions from Design Groups, Tool Makers and Molders

How do your services fit into our business?
How much do you charge for your services?

Questions from Material Suppliers/Distributors

We are looking to outsource some of our customer support tasks. Is this something you can do?

Other Questions

I see you are a SimpoeMold reseller. What benefit is there to purchase the software from your company?
We are a company looking for help to research a technology or market. Is this something you do?
We are a Law firm looking for an Expert Witness. What is your expertise?